Dr KC’s health deteriorates on 5th day of hunger strike

Oct 9, 2017-Dr Govinda KC has been given oxygen support after his health condition started deteriorating on the fifth day of his 13th hunger strike on Monday.

Prof Dr KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), has been staging hunger strike at the TUTH premises in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu to put pressure on the government to end anomalies in health education and medical sector of the country. He had ended his 12th hunger strike after 23 days.

A seven-member health committee formed by TU Teaching Hospital to oversee the health of Dr KC reported low blood pressure and acetone in Dr KC’s urine.
Acetone indicates that the glucose level in body has been used up and the body has started to use fat for energy. This condition ultimately leads to fragmentation of muscles once the fat in body is exhausted.
Furthermore, the quantity of calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, among other essentical elements, has been depleting from KC’s body, doctors involved in his treatment said.
The situation could deteriorate further posing the threat of cardiac arrest and memory loss, doctors say.
Govt apathetic to Dr KC’s protest
Meanwhile, the government seems to be turning a deaf ear to Dr KC’s protest. KC supporters said that government side has not made any initiation to end Dr KC’s hunger strike.
Representatives of Dr KC said that the government looks insensitive towards the issues raised by Dr KC that have direct implication on the health of public.
“Government indifference to address Dr KC’s demands even though his hunger strike is about to enter sixth day clearly shows the level of our government’s apathy,” said Dr YP Singh, “Government will only heed when Dr KC’s health reaches in danger.”
Three demands added
Meanwhile, Dr KC who started his 13th hunger strike with four-point demand has added three additional demands to his list.
They include termination of Education Act, which he terms as ‘anti education’, cancellation of the affiliation granted by CTEVT to dozens of colleges under the direction of Education Minister, and making provision for free, cheap and accessible health service and education for middle-class and poor people of the country.
Dr KC’s earlier demands primarily include incorporation of Mathema report along with his suggestions while endorsing Health Profession Education Bill from Parliament. His other demands include a 10-year moratorium on medical colleges in Kathmandu Valley and medical colleges complying with government set fee structure for MBBS education, among others

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